Beauty & youthfullness nowadays comes from the inside

Beauty & youthfullness nowadays comes from the inside

The right and a good alimentation is the best anti-aging

The process of geting older is just natural, it can not be stoped until today. But we can already delay the aging processes.

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The aging process of skin
With age, our skin loses its elasticity and resilience. Collagen proteins play a central role. To this end, one must know that the skin consists to 85% out of collagen fibers. Collagen proteins are also endogenous proteins and that the hyaluronic acid content of an average person of 70 kg is about 15 grams whereas 50% are  found in skin and 35% in muscles.

The body's natural collagen and hyaluron production decreases with age. Basically, collagen proteins are useful for all connective tissues in the body - muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, bones (matrix) - collagen is also known as the glue of the body. In addition, they also serve to cartilage formation and provide solid hair and fingernails.

Everyone can decide for himself when he or she wants to begin to take collagen and hyaluron as a dietary resp. nutritional supplement to replenish the body's own collagen deposits. For sure, as earlier you start the better. The skin gets visibly firmer, more elastic, radiant and looks in general younger, the first results are visible after about 10 weeks. Of course your own body fat level also plays a role. Collagen and Hyaluron also work at an advanced age.

The big advantage of the inclusion of collagen and hyaluron, as a food supplement, is that the whole body benefits from it and not just local parts. Certainly, nothing speaks against a corresponding anti-wrinkle cream for the face which donates additional moisture. But you should simply note the price-performance ratio.


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